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Have you ever gotten to the point of hiring a copywriter to get your brand voice to slash through the noise?


Did you find that even though you managed to get a well-qualified copywriter, your brand voice was still not cutting through all the noise that is out there.


Are you still scouring the web for the most credible copywriters and yet still getting disappointing results?


Even though you believe that the money you are spending should be giving you more results and growth in your business.


The sad truth is that you are not alone.


When you think about it, nothing is new under the sun.


Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we have had our own fair issues with copywriting mishaps done by the so-called masters in the business so when we say we know…


Best believe we know.


From our hard-earned experiences, when it comes to copywriters, the following problems are usually run into:


  • They do not understand your brand and the product or service that you provide and thus gain bleak outcomes.


Copywriting is a science. 


It’s a culmination of buyer psychology with the knowledge of the business’s product or service. 


It is not simply putting two words together and making a pretty sentence but showing the value of not only the product but the value that will be gained by the consumer/customer and many copywriters lack in this regard.


Once you get a copywriter that understands this, your products regardless of what they are would be selling out like hot cakes…


  • They do not have expert knowledge


When it comes to your products or services, the best salesman for them is yourself.

No one knows or can even compare with the knowledge that you have when it comes to your product/services.


This does not mean that there is no hope for someone to understand your brand, product/ service but nobody will ever know it as well as you.


That makes every attempt to sell your product/service to be a bit less than what you expect.


This is understandable.


  • They are very expensive


It is a known fact that to get great quality, you need to pay the big bucks. That is an undeniable fact.


Great copywriters and the word cheap cannot be said in the same sentence.  


While that may be worth it to you for a high-converting sales copy, copywriting doesn’t come with guarantees. 


You don’t want to invest that much money into sales copy that doesn’t actually sell. 


You know where that leaves you?


Holding the bag. Left floundering with a whole lot less in your pockets but yet full shelves.




Some alternatives might be to say that since you are the most knowledgeable about your products, you can do the copywriting yourself…


It is easy to learn anything right now. Buy some copywriting courses and some reports, boot camps enrolment and dive deep into the wonders of words and become a maestro…




Do you have the time?


You are a business builder first and foremost. Anything that takes away from your main objective which is to sell and of course sell some more should not be permitted.


You are already pulled as tight as a string trying to juggle all the balls in your court and the months, and years that will take for you to become not an average copywriter but a phenomenal one…

 …Will be cutting into time for you to think of strategies to grow and upscale your business.

On top of that, you got the talent?


Like any other profession and skill, it takes time and continuous practice. It just doesn’t fall from the sky and land in your waiting palms. It takes dedication and a pure need to excel. 


You can’t just sit in the corner of your home and write sales copy, you need to put your work out there and see how the real audience acts on it if they even do. 


This will involve a lot of mistakes, believe us…


…and it takes years to really develop an aptitude for it. 


Of course, during those years, you’re spending lots of time and money while you try to figure out what works and what doesn’t—talk about inefficiency.


Oh, hold on, where did we leave our manners?


We are Ymbued.


We are a small but thriving digital marketing consultancy that has laid a firm foot on the hill of helping business builders to get the best copywriting out there.


We have managed to help many different businesses in varying industries get the most out of their copywriting. 


We are counting on helping yours as well.


As stated before, you are not the first to deal with the frustrations about copywriting as we have also seen a lot of different businesses with the same problems.


We even had the same issue at the beginning as we tried hard to find our own voice. Our own identity and through our amazing copywriters, we are here today.


Proud and knowing exactly who we are and what we do and why we do it. 


And letting our dream clients know all that in the best possible way for them to act.


Having bad copywriting is too bad, 


We’ve also learned copywriting is what makes or breaks a brand—not flashy websites, not the “uniqueness” of your product, not even the quality of what you’re selling…


…You can have a product that puts the Tesla to shame, or even better than the invention of the wheel, 


…but if you can’t convince people of its value, your business will see a nosedive in sales if there ever was a rise in them.


Its worrisome, depressing and all in all bothersome, because up til now, you have only  had 2 options:


  1. To hire a copywriter, even though it’s near-impossible to find an affordable one who creates high-converting copy and 


  1. To write the copy yourself, even though it takes years to become great at, making it completely impractical.


Not to boast our own ego,


Our copywriting department is made up of wordsmiths and maestros of literary talents.


Don’t just take our word..


Find out for yourself.


Our copywriting department is up to the challenge to write copy that converts and sells like it is going out of fashion.


Regardless of whether you are in the business of services or products.


Regardless of whether your business is in a unique niche or not.


We got your back.

Check out our services

Intagram Ads

Let us transform your Instagram presence into a powerful marketing tool, driving not just likes, but meaningful interactions and conversions.

Facebook Ads

Let us guide your brand through the dynamic landscape of Facebook advertising, ensuring your messages stand out and drive real results.

Web Design

We craft visually stunning and user-friendly websites tailored to showcase your brand’s unique identity.

Google Ads

From captivating ad copy to precise keyword targeting, we optimize every element for success.

“Ymbued helped our startup succeed. They didn’t just do a job; it felt like they invested in our dreams. Ymbued not only brought in more leads but also boosted our aspirations.”

8925 Record label

Managing Director

When we talk about Alts, we do not mean a typical business partner, but rather a team that collaborates with us daily, always there for us when we encounter difficulties and celebrate achievements. We see in Alts our best ally for success!

Maria D. Halk

Managing Director

When we talk about Alts, we do not mean a typical business partner, but rather a team that collaborates with us daily, always there for us when we encounter difficulties and celebrate achievements. We see in Alts our best ally for success!

Maria D. Halk

Managing Director

They’re the heart behind our digital success. The website revamp journey felt like they truly understood us. They were compassionate friends guiding us on the path to success.

Maguy KT, Managing Director at Camka

Managing Director

They shaped our online success, revamping our site and crafting a personalized SEO journey. Their team wasn’t just consultants but friends, an integral part of our growth story.

Leon Bindu, CEO of The Fitness Den

Managing Director

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